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Focus on nurturing your congregation with our Modern and intuitive platform for Church Management.

Gotedo is built for Church Administration by experienced and dedicated Church Administrators. It is part of our contributions and work in the Vineyard of God. Gotedo is developed for the primary purpose of providing better insights and adequate technology for the caring of the Flock of Christ.

About Gotedo

Gotedo is a Church Management Application developed to offer a wide range of functionalities needed for efficiently managing small, medium, and large Church congregations. Gotedo is 100% Free to use for any Church for an unlimited number of members. See the Features section below for details.

Know Your Members

Gotedo offers a comprehensive data management system which you can use to capture the necessary information about your members and know exactly who they are.

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Organise Your Members

Gotedo offers suites of functionalities for organising your members into zones and ministries/departments so that they can become more involved in the service of God.

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Access Them Everywhere

Access your membership information anywhere with our mobile-friendly and desktop experiences. Allow other workers within your congregation to access these data and help in caring for the congregation

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Take Action

Use the insights and technology provided by the software to understand the spiritual and financial state of your congregation and take actions such as follow-ups on visitors and backsliding members, etc

Top Features

Exciting features built into the Gotedo App

Membership Data Management

Gotedo comes with an exhaustive set of features for knowing your members and managing their data efficiently. Data such as marital records, work records, next of kin records, address records, baptismal records, etc can be adequately captured and managed.

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Church Data Analytics

The Gotedo dashboard is rigged with lots of charts which carefully analyses and displays your church data in order to help you make sense of your data. Our dashboard has some of most complex data charts which will give you the insights necessary to understand various trends within your church.

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Church Online Payment

Gotedo is online-payment enabled. This means that your church can securedly top-up SMS wallet and receive offerings/donations through the payment providers such as Flutterwave and Paystack. Gotedo keeps detailed history of payment transactions for your church's audit and accounting purposes.

Ministries Management

Create Ministries (or Departments) for organising members into groups based on their area of interest in the service of God. Gotedo offers a robust module for managing ministries so that you can have a good idea of how involved each member is.

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Zones Management

The Membership Zones Module offers comprehensive tools for grouping members based on their area of residence. With the Membership Zonal Module, you can create zonal leaders to help you manage your congregation at more granular level.

Visitors Management

Capture visitors who attend your services and follow up with them easily with the Visitor Management module in Gotedo. The Visitor module offers detailed fields for knowing your visitors across multiple services and maintaining good relationship with them.

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Services Management

Gotedo App offers a large array of tools for management services for your Church through the entire lifecycle - from planning to scheduling to finance to attendances to reports. You will find Gotedo an indispensable partner in efficiently managing your church services. The following submodules are available for the Services modules:

Service Attendance Capture

Service Activities Scheduling

Service Head Count

Service Offering/Giving

Service Activities Templates

Giving Types

Service Dashboard

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Reports Generation

The Gotedo Software has a suite of reports which you can generate from your membership information. Reports can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel formats or generated from the server as PDF so that you can neatly print physical copies or send them to members to take actions on them. The following kinds of reports are available in the Report module:

Daily, Monthly, and Complete Birthday Reports of members

Membership Placement Reports by Membership Manner

Periodic Absenteeism Reports covering 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 years, and 1 year

Periodic Absenteeism Reports per zone covering 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 years, and 1 year

Service Absenteeism Reports generated per service

Multi-User Access

The Gotedo Application is built from the ground-up as a multi-user application for each church. This means that as many members as is required can be granted access by the admin to the backend of each church.

Multi-Role Authentication

The Gotedo Application is built on top of a robust Multi-Role authentication system. With this, each church can assign members to different roles and their privileges or permissions are tied to the assigned role.

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Onboarding and Migration System

A robust and thoroughly-tested Onboarding System allows for easy setup of your church backend. The Migration System allows new churches on the platform to easily transfer their existing data to the Gotedo backend.

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Logs & Real-time Notifications

Get real-time notifications on activities carried out by other members who have access to your church backend. This is useful for accountability and auditing. Our comprehensive Login logs also shows you detailed information of each member's login activity.

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SMS Communications

The Gotedo Software comes with an SMS Module which can be used for sending individual and bulk messages to your members. Sending SMS messages from the Gotedo software is very affordable as the cost are similar to those of dedicated bulk SMS providers. The advantages of using the Gotedo SMS module includes: (1) you do not have to download phone numbers, process them, and upload them into another SMS provider's platform. Simply send from your membership data, (2) You get complete customisation of the SMS out of the box. The following SMS functionalities are available:

Service activities notifications to information members of duties they have per service

Visitor welcome SMS to welcome visitors after worshipping with you

Automated birthday messages to felicitate with your members

Bulk SMS to all members

Bulk SMS to members of zones

Bulk SMS to members of ministries

Bulk SMS to members of groups

Bulk SMS to visitors

Bulk SMS to members of church positions, etc

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Comprehensive Follow-Up Module

Show how much you love and care for your members and visitors by following up on them when they are absent for a while, sick, bereaved, etc. You can have church workers/members log the reports on these follow-ups via the Gotedo Follow-Up Module so that they are accessible by everyone with access to your Church backend and actions can be taken from the follow-up reports

How It Work?

Simple steps to follow so that you can unleash the full powers of the Gotedo App.

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Register Your Church

Register your church at Activate your account and await approval from the administrators. You will be notified via email when your account is approved.

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Login and Verify Your Church

Gotedo requires that each Church verifies her identity on the platform. You will find information about verification in the approval email and within the application when you login. Submit the required documents to gain full access to the application.

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Onboard and Migrate Your Data

While your verification is pending or after verification, you have access to the Onboarding and Migration Module which will help you quickly set up all aspects of your church's backend and also transfer your membership data to Gotedo.

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Enjoy the full power of Gotedo with all her exciting features - 100% Free.

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Gotedo Dashboard Analytics
Gotedo Dashboard Analytics
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Pricing Plan

Gotedo is absolutely free to use.

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